Remax One

About Remax One

I have become a Realtor to help families find a house so that they can make it a home!

With my ten years of experience, I bring extensive knowledge about real estate to my clients. My Strong Work Ethic, Ability to learn from my Mistakes, Be Humble, adapt to the changing market conditions, provide excellent Customer Service, and be Empathic to my clients is a bonus.

I am a recipient of the Remax/One Rookie of the year, Remax/One Ms. Persistant 2019, Remax Executive club 2018-2019 from the Remax Corporate office.

I differentiate myself from other agents by:

• By providing timely updates to my clients about their homes.
• Answer questions, be present with them and help them comprehend the current market conditions.
• I take advantage of the social media platform to the fullest extent for the maximum exposure of the property.
• I am full of focus and Zest to take the task from start to finish.
• I am a member of four MLS Boards.
• I have a team of professionals who writes a description of the property to photographers to interior decorators to licensed professionals whom I can rely on to get the job done right the first time.
• I have excellent office assistants whom I can depend on to get the work completed fast and right.
• I want to give individual attention to my clients. I will not take on more work, which I cannot handle.

Call me for your real estate questions at 732-397-9125, email me at, visit my website at

My Strengths are: I am Persistent, Disciplined, Focus, Honest, Through, Extremely Organized, Tech Savvy, Determined, Committed to my work and my clients, Very good follow up skills, time management skills, I will go to lengths to serve my clients, and most of all I am Humble.